Zanes the jump off

Duration: 12min 20sec Views: 1422 Submitted: 29.02.2020
Category: Old/Young
Zane's new series, The Jump Off, centers around five frat brothers in their thirties and the women in their lives, all in a constant array of sex and drama. He's also the owner of the spot where the men get together to relieve stress, a club appropriately called the Jump Off. He's married to Kenya, but the two are split up. Woody leaves because he's tired of Kenya's disapproval of Woody's desire for Dmitri's approval. Next there's Gabriel Turner, a stockbroker, and the most mature of the brothers.

First Down

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Meanwhile, Woody's wife, Kenya, bonds with her friends - the wives, girlfriends and exes of the other frat brothers. Dmitri picks up his frat brother Earnest Bishop from prison. Earnest begins the long process of rebuilding his life, which includes reaching out to his ex-wife Portia. Tension between Earnest and Chandler Bishop rise.

Zane's The Jump Off

Dmitri and Lauren continue to get closer. Woody accuses Kenya of sleeping with her boss. A planned outing between Portia and Earnest has tragic consequences.
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