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Usually GoDaddy. The commercials ask people to call or to go to the website to see more—and, oh yeah—sign up to start a website too. There's still a lot of skin in the ad, but male bodybuilders are the ones in skimpy shorts. The big name is wearing a muscle suit to match the physique of the men in the commercial.


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Every year I look forward to the commercials more than the actual Super Bowl itself. But there is one company that makes me almost dread the entire experience — GoDaddy. It all started two years ago when my family and I were faced with a commercial that featured half-naked women telling viewers to visit GoDaddy. Being sixteen, with my whole family, and enjoying a nice bowl of chili, I was extremely uncomfortable with the whole situation. This year did not fail to disappoint. Then, for like 20 seconds, the camera zoomed in on them making out, tongue included.

Danica Patrick Super Bowl Commercial 2014: GoDaddy Smart to Add Variety to Ad

A commercial in which everyone keeps their clothes on doesn't usually cause a stir. But when the advertiser is Go Daddy, known for its skin-baring Super Bowl spots, it's a game changer. Whether it's refreshing or disappointing -- you make the call. The premise for the comic second GoDaddy.
Actor Clint Eastwood waxed about Detroit and Chrysler. And stars from the '90s were everywhere, as were dogs and babies, of course. But there were few surprises. That's mostly because nearly half of the 70 Super Bowl advertisers put their spots out online in the days leading up to the game. And the companies that did wait until game day for the "big reveal" didn't take many risks.