Top male nude scenes

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Meet Jessie Buckley. Who is Huck Finnigan on Netflix's 'Ratched'? Meet Charlie Carver. Where is Down Hall? Who is Matt Lucas? Meet Amanda Collin.

Top Male Nude Scenes ’19

15 Movies That Completely *Went There* With Male Nudity

It's remarkably rare for male actors to drop trou and reveal all on camera, allowing their manhood to be immortalized on film. And when it does happen, it can generally earn the film a more restrictive rating from the Motion Picture Association of America than it would if it were a female actor baring their bits. But even with that archaic bit of ratings rulings still going on, the ever-elusive male full frontal does make it way to the movie theater from time to time. The latest example? Chris Pine 's revelatory moment in the new film Outlaw King , streaming now on Netflix. And while a historical action drama about a 14th century Scottish king who launched a war against the English army seems an unlikely source for such a moment, it's there nonetheless. In honor of Pine's big moment, let's take a look at all the brave men who've come before him, willing to let it all hang out there.

From Ben Affleck to Chris Pine: A Brief History of Male Full Frontal at the Movies

The annual list pays homage to the best male nude segments in mainstream film and television. All top 10 male scenes can be viewed for free, in their entirety, at Mr. Registration is required and, needless to say, the videos are Not Safe For Work. Egerton stars as Elton John and Madden plays his manager and lover, John Reid, in this big-budget biopic of the iconic rock star.
Men are naked in films a lot less frequently than women , which, if you ask us, is imbalanced and slightly unfair! But some actors are more than willing to go there - "there" being the wild world of full frontal nudity. We've rounded up movies featuring some A-listers you might not realize got naked in the name of entertainment.