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He may have been correct, there is a lot of artful snogging between Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon and not much else in terms of a plot. David Bowie stars alongside Deneuve, playing John and Miriam respectively, a couple of married vampires who become entwined in a love triangle with Dr Sarah Roberts Susan Sarandon. Needless to say, both meet a bloody end — but fortunately not before we are given the pleasure of seeing one of them getting off with David Bowie on top of a work surface. The story goes that John and Miriam have been married for three centuries, after she turned him into a vampire in s France, rendering him a slave to her sexual whims for all eternity — as you do. Naturally, with so much time spent together, they have begun to dress alike.

The Hunger: sex, violence, bloodlust and Bowie

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Seducing two local goth kids and taking them home, the strangely fangless John and Miriam forgo traditional bloodsucking methods, instead piercing the jugulars of their victims using ancient Egyptian Ankh pendants. Impeccably dressed with predatory intent, Miriam is elegant, enigmatic and effortlessly stylish. Wearing stiff-shouldered jackets, tailored pantsuits, gold clip-on earrings and a pearl-encrusted black veil, Miriam is the classic noir femme fatale. In other words, her wardrobe is an archive of carefully curated garments with longevity, as opposed to ephemeral trends. As a refined vampire, her point of difference from her fanged European ancestors is her ability to uphold the blood bond without the need for a dark cape and a coffin to retire to at night. Just as fashion resurrects itself season upon season in search of the new, Miriam glides through life, with no fear of death, in search of her newest victim — and always wearing her Egyptian Ankh pendant, ready to slice open a throat for a fresh feed. Despite being slated as a box-office dud in the 80s, The Hunger has garnered quite the cult following over the past 33 years in certain circles.

Susan Sarandon strips TOPLESS as she engages in lesbian sex scene in VERY racy flashback

Just know that at no point will we be getting Babashook. Feeding on human blood, Miriam has lived for over years. She gave her lover the gift of eternal life and together they hunt.
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