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Slow and steady will win the race. Even if your not, we love you ALL! Although everything was going somewhat perfect at the moment, Blair felt she needed something, other than to be locked in her bedroom with her fiance all weekend or at meetings, she was even getting tired of doing homework. The two girls were alike in more ways than one, to the point where it was a little scary. Quinn was intelligent, witty, and even manipulative and a more trustworthy version of Blair. Blair bursted through the double doors of her walk in closet in a panic, unsure of what to wear this evening.

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COVID is affecting all New Yorkers in one way or another, from struggling with feelings of uncertainty to fear of the virus itself. Many people are also dealing with loss and grief. Some might experience higher levels of stress, depression or anxiety that can cause trouble sleeping. It might be harder for you to fall or stay asleep, or you might be unintentionally waking up too early. Learn more about how you can slow the spread. A face covering is a well-secured cloth covering or disposable mask that covers your nose and mouth. Respiratory particles can exit from both your nose and mouth.

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