Naked in the streets

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There is no consensus regarding the proper aesthetics of street wayfinding. However, most people do agree that streets cluttered with an overabundance of wayfinding elements pose potential safety risks to distracted drivers and pedestrians — and obscure the legibility of the street itself. The Naked Streets model advocated by Hans Monderman, which uses the deliberate removal of pedestrian-oriented safety and navigation features, such as traffic lights, railings, curbs and road markings, encourages communication between drivers and pedestrians that did not exist before. Shared space might look chaotic, but people are using their brains and intuition, not acting as mere automatons in response to signals from on high May One example is the roundabout at Laweiplein, Drachten in the Netherlands. Here, approaching drivers perceive the unsignaled roundabout as utterly ambiguous, which causes them to slow their speed.

Naked streets

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What would be more dangerous? Driving along a road filled with traffic signs, speed bumps, and traffic lights, or driving along a road with none? The latter would feel most perilous to most people, who would be fearful of missing out on important safety information, but an enterprising Dutch traffic engineer proved that such roads are often safer. During the s and s, Hans Monderman conducted a series of radical experiments on the roads of towns and villages in Friesland in the northern Netherlands.
Laweiplein in Drachten, the Netherlands. Naked streets is a concept developed by Dutch traffic engineer, Hans Monderman , who proposed that by creating a greater sense of uncertainty and making it unclear who has right of way on a street, drivers reduce their speed and all street users increase their level of risk compensation. This last principle originates from behavioural theory that suggests people adjust their behaviour in response to the perceived level of risk: in riskier environments, pedestrian and drivers respond by behaving more safely. The practical application of a naked street involves the removal of all hard safety measures, including safety barriers, traffic lights, warning signs, speed humps, pedestrian crossings and road markings. These are all replaced with road surfaces that do not clearly distinguish between vehicle and pedestrian space, ambiguity in defining traffic rules, and a street environment that fosters eye contact and human interaction.