Mother/daughter sex

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Patricia Anne Bourdeau. The enormous variability of negative effects putatively resulting from childhood sexual abuse has prompted researchers to consider situational and environmental factors that may contribute to differential outcome. Because the clinical literature has traditionally focused on sexual abuse of female children, the relationship with nonoffending mothers is thought to play a crucial role in recovery. However, empirical evidence is sparse. Child adjustment was assessed by standardized measures, both parent- and child-report. Information about mothers' histories of childhood sexual abuse was obtained through structured interviews, while social workers provided details of the daughters' sexual abuse.

Mother–Daughter Communication About Sex: The Influence of Authoritative Parenting Style

Mother-daughter relationships and child sexual abuse: a pilot study of 35 dyads

The thought of having the sex talk with your daughter can be an unnerving proposition for any mother. However, my wake-up call came when they began sixth grade at a public charter school in NJ. Daddy and I will talk with you about sex. Though everyone has different views and opinions about sex, the following are three tips to help frame your discussion.

Mother-daughter relationships and child sexual abuse: a pilot study of 35 dyads

For the video version, click here. That your relationship with your parents could influence your sexual development is not exactly a new idea — paging Dr. Freud, right?
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