Lbnan and onli medn sex

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This is in line with the high-risk behavioural profile among this community where HIV testing rates are low, unprotected sex is frequent, alcohol and substance use is reported to be high. Our new piece in BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health , presents data on the prevalence of STIs in a sample of MSM attending a sexual health clinic in Beirut to identify the correlates of risk-taking and testing behaviours in this population. Medical records also include data from a short survey filled before the consultation. A total of participants who had complete data were included in the analysis. In line with our first objective, the profile of STIs in this sample was determined and genital warts condylomas were by far the most common STI with almost half of all patients receiving such a diagnosis.

Gay, bisexual men and trans women speak of sexual abuse in Syria

Sexual health of men who have sex with men in Lebanon | BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health blog

The report adds to existing HRW research that has documented sex crimes in Syria, ravaged by almost 10 years of war. Interviewees, who included 40 GBT and non-binary individuals and four heterosexual men, described being subject to rape, genital violence, threat of rape, forced nudity and sexual harassment. The testimonials paint a picture of long-lasting physical and psychological trauma that often goes unaddressed due to stigma against GBT people, unwillingness on the part of victims to speak out about their trauma and inadequate services to help them in Lebanon. The often-debilitating trauma described by survivors includes depression, post-traumatic stress, sexual trauma, loss of hope, and paranoid thoughts, in addition to severe pain in their rectum and genitals, rectal bleeding and muscle pain. They rape you just to see you suffering, shouting. To see you are humiliated.

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America should encourage Tehran and Riyadh to settle their differences, not facilitate aggressive Saudi action. Otherwise, the region will be plunged into an even bigger crisis—without an end in sight. Hezbollah has gained valuable combat experience in Syria, but the cost of that experience may not outweigh the losses in troops, the damage to its image and the need to cede some of its autonomy to Iran and the Assad regime. The longer the war drags on, the more apparent these losses will become. Most parties have been on the losing side of the war in Syria.
Metrics details. Little is known about sex-based dietary differences in middle-income countries, particularly those undergoing the nutrition transition. The study sample consisted of subjects: children and adolescents aged 6— At the households, trained nutritionists conducted face-to-face interviews with participants to complete a sociodemographic questionnaire and one h diet recall.