Larissa reis before bodybuilding

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With such a large variety of supplements available on the market, it is not always easy to know which ones are best to meet our goals or where we should or can begin. To help you, some professional athletes who represent some top brands and with several years of experience have talked about the importance of supplementation, which supplements that cannot be missed in their daily routine and which supplements are essential for a beginner in bodybuilding. I want to make sure my body has all the right tools to use as fuel in the gym and as a recovery aid at home, I also believe in being internally healthy first and foremost, from that will stem a stellar physique to reflect how you feel. Some supplements are already part of the daily routine of some people, in athletes it is quite common the consumption of supplements, as you saw, is a way to complement the normal diet, help to get the nutrients needed for the body to have energy and recover and to ensure its development.

Larissa Reis

Larissa flight by car. Larissa Reis

Larisa Reis is a famous Brazilian fitness and fashion model, as well as a passionate fan of any kind of extreme sports. An IFBB Pro athlete and a certified personal trainer have become the benchmark and inspirational example for many rising stars. Larisa Reis is the champion of Brazil and South America in the category of body fitness. Larisa Reis spent her childhood and youth in the capital of Brazil, Brasilia. Thanks to excellent genetics, the phytonyachka from an early age was distinguished by thinness and harmony. From early childhood, the phytonyasa practiced jiu-jisu. While studying at college, Larisa was invited to shoot Playboy Brazil.

Larissa flight by car. Larissa Reis

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