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We don't mean to be intrusive, but who hasn't fantasized about Beyonce and Jay Z's seemingly perfect marriage? Just us? OK, then. But can you blame us?


15 Women Jay-Z (Allegedly) Cheated On Beyonce With | TheTalko

We are going to tell you some little-known tidbits about this musical couple that has taken the world by storm. For instance, is Blue Ivy really the only child in the picture? On that note, is all of the drama surrounding Bey and her husband just a publicity stunt put in place by the singers? Why was Solange beating on Jay Z in an elevator two years ago? If anything, it is wildly entertaining and will have you keeping a close eye on this hip hop duo.

Who Is Jazmine Cashmere? And Does Jay Z Know He’s Going To Be a Daddy? *UPDATED*

Shortly after, the couple began dating privately and since then they have married, had three children together and became hip hop's first billionaire couple. Then in , during their joint On The Run tour, the tabloids revealed they were living "separate lives. Why did I deserve to be treated this way by you? But who would Jay-Z risk his marriage for?
Who is Jazmine Cashmere and why is every saying she's pregnant with rapper Jay Z's baby? It turns out Jazmine is a popular porn star over in England, but she currently lives in California. According to some reports, the adult star is a few months pregnant and has even made public pictures of her baby bump. For all of you who have never heard of her before, then you must know that Jazmine has appeared in more than 80 adult films since and has even won awards for her performances in these videos and films.