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If adult visual novel games are your thing then Dreams of Desire could be just what you are looking for. This is a passion project and one that has been getting regular updates since it all started. I know that it should go without saying, but this is a game that is percent not safe for work so please keep that in mind. Ok, so first of all if you get that reference then you are awesome and we can be friends. You see, you are being forced to go to military school until you come across an old book that has some kind of mind-altering ability to it. You use this to get what you want and pretty much bang whoever you want!

Dreams of Desire - Episode 1-5

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Log in with itch. The developer needs to do this to future files, but in the meantime, do this for yourself. So is there a setting somewhere in the game files you can change to change some of the verbiage in the game? I know of one game where you can change a setting to make all the "Roommate" references change to "Sister" or "friend" it is odd that you call Marcus your roommate since you don't live together and all the "Landlady" references to "Mother" or something similar. I am not into the incest thing but I prefer it to "Landlady" as no one really talks like that lol. Agreed, the wording totally throws you off and actually makes it a little unclear if the person is referring to Sister or Brother, plus your friend is called the same thing "Room mate".

Dreams of Desire

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Dreams of Desire is a high-level dating simulator , with a great complication of tasty stories that will give you long hours of fun. If you do not know very well what this genre is about, in this Dreams of Desire Walkthrough you will discover everything you need to know to fully enjoy this installment and become a seducer. Dating simulators usually deal with a male or female character, which will be controlled by the player and we should help make the right decisions to take their relationships the right way. Each option we take will be decisive, so we invite you to pay close attention to this Dreams of Desire guide that in HDGamers we have prepared for you.