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Daniel Radcliffe would find it "horrible" if he had to do a sex scene with someone he didn't like. The year-old actor stars as Ignatius Perrish, who is accused of the rape and murder of his girlfriend Merrin Williams Juno Temple , in the forthcoming thriller 'Horns', but he admits he would struggle to get up-close and personal with anyone in front of the camera if they weren't able to get along and have a "laugh. I think that people think that actors get more freaked out about sex scenes or nude scenes than we actually do. It doesn't take any skill to drop your trousers. It depends who you're doing the scene with. I can't imagine doing that scene with someone you didn't like.

Daniel Radcliffe says was laughing while filming first gay sex scene

Daniel Radcliffe says was laughing while filming first gay sex scene - hollywood - Hindustan Times

By Roxy Simons For Mailonline. I, Daniel Blake's Dave Johns has filmed his first sex scene at the age of 64, which he 'never thought' he'd do onscreen. The actor is set to play opposite Gavin And Stacey's Alison Steadman, 73, in the rom-com 23 Walks, and he detailed how he felt about their intimate scenes with The Mirror on Saturday. Speaking to the publication, he explained: 'I never thought I'd be doing that. It's all right if you're a kid and you want to get your kit off and you can get straight in. Unexpected: I, Daniel Blake's Dave Johns, 64, stars in his first sex scene with Alison Steadman, 74, in 23 Walks and admitted on Saturday he 'never thought' he'd do one. They meet in an ideal situation — lots of lonely people walk their dogs and strike up conversations in the park, and this just asks what would happen if that develops.

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It usually takes me four hours to read a script in one sitting but it took me an hour to read this. It flew by, so I knew I loved it. The simplicity of the story and the freshness of the characters really spoke to me. The soundtrack is incredible.
Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he was laughing all the time during the shooting of his first gay sex scene with his male co-star Dane DeHaan in the film Kill Your Darlings. The year-old actor said that the sex scene was shot so quickly that he and DeHaan didn't get the time to get nervous, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. The Harry Potter star added that it was a battle to stop himself from laughing, just because it was that sort of nervous laughter. Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter. Hathras woman, battling for life after being gang-raped, dies.