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Online, the term is often referenced by English speaking Counter-Strike players to mock the speech of Russian opponents in online matches. The exact origin of the term is unclear. The earliest known definition was submitted on September 6th, to Urban Dictionary , [1] where user Spiel Brickner identified "bylat" as a Russian slang term for "whore" or "slut" that can also be used as a general-purpose expletive. On January 21st, , YouTuber FeedaN uploaded a video titled "Cyka Blyat Suka Song," featuring a musical track with a man repeating the phrase "cyka blyat" shown below. On November 7th, , Redditor Joshster21 submitted a list of user-submitted translations for the phrase "cyka blyat" on the language site MyMemory. Mid or feed.

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it's pewdiepie's clothes — Felix's new shirt says "cyka blyat" which means

Top definition. Reddit moment. Relating to the the titular site, a Reddit moment occurs when either one or multiple Redditors do something considered "cringe" unironically. This is meant to contrast the social media idealism many Redditors believe they have over other similar platforms, and how they generally have a tendency to critique those platforms over similar behavior.

cyka blyat

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We Need Your Help! Weigh In Here. Cyka blyat spread online thanks to the video game Counter Strike: Global Offensive , which has a large Russian playerbase.