Boys having sex with boys

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By Jackie Salo. September 25, pm Updated September 25, pm. A former teaching assistant in Illinois has admitted to having sex with a year-old student while she worked at his school, according to disturbing new reports. Allyssa Gustafson, 24, entered a guilty plea Monday for aggravated criminal sexual abuse stemming from an innapropritate relationship with a student at Circle Academy in Urbana, the News-Gazette reported. Police said she communicated with him over Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, and sent snapshots of herself in a bathing suit and lingerie.

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Short Takes: Peggy Orenstein's Boys and Sex - Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society

Every few pages, the boy world cracks open a little bit…. It also had an unexpected effect on its author: Orenstein realized that talking about girls is only half the conversation. Boys are subject to the same cultural forces as girls—steeped in the same distorted media images and binary stereotypes of female sexiness and toxic masculinity—which equally affect how they navigate sexual and emotional relationships. The result is a provocative and paradigm-shifting work that offers a much-needed vision of how boys can truly move forward as better men.

Why we need to talk to our boys about sex – without lecturing

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Short Takes: Provocations on Public Feminism , an open-access feature of Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society , offers brief comments from prominent feminists about a book that has shaped popular conversations about feminist issues. Tristan Bridges. I felt confused, but students told me I looked disappointed. They confirmed and discussed the crucial role of the television: it inhibits conversation. They explained that this helped make a hookup less awkward but noted that it also makes consent less likely.