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When you look back at photos of yourself at the tender age of four, what do you see? Equal parts embarrassing and inappropriate, they're probably the sort of thing your mum will wheel out in front of future partners, just to make you die of cringe. Unless you are Jack Faris-Pratt, in which case, you can look back with pride and know that the seedling of your eternal coolness was planted at such a young age. Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have been married for eight years, the pair met on the set of their movie Take Me Home Tonight , , in which they were love interests, and started dating from there.

Anna Faris body shamed after sharing 'alarming' underwear snap

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Anna Faris quickly deleted an Instagram photo Tuesday after she was criticized by social media users for appearing too thin. Within minutes, social media users began body-shaming Faris for her thin figure. Health is our concern. Continue to be awesome! She made no mention of the post on her social media platforms but did post a boomerang of her boots on Instagram Stories. Read Next.

Anna Faris

A picture Anna Faris uploaded to Instagram was reportedly trolled by body-shamers so badly, the actress deleted it after just 15 minutes. According to TMZ , on Tuesday 2 October , Anna - who split from husband Chris Pratt last year - posted a picture of herself wearing a black jumper and what looks like nude cycling shorts on Instagram. The picture, which is thought to have been taken just before recording her podcast, Unqualified , was captioned: "Having pre-show jitters- so glad Michael Sherman captured it- also I eventually decided to put on pants.
The Unqualified star reportedly deleted the Instagram picture in just 15 minutes. Anna Faris posted and deleted a picture of herself posing backstage in a pair of knickers after body shamers cruelly attacked her weight. The Hollywood actress was preparing for an appearance on daytime TV show The Talk when she shared a shot of herself with her two million Instagram followers.