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In a interview with the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment, actor Daniel Dae Kim described how he thought it was time for Asian performers to take leading roles. Specifically, he insisted that it was time for Asian American males to be seen as romantic leads. After all, Asian men have routinely been emasculated, humiliated and denigrated in American films and TV shows. Not only that, what if I was to inform you that this same Asian actor was the first big screen sex symbol, the highest-paid performer of his day, and the first Asian person ever to be nominated for an acting Academy Award? In the s and s, Japanese actor Sessue Hayakawa was one of the biggest stars of silent Hollywood.

Hollywood’s First Male Sex Symbol Was a Japanese Man

The Japanese male sex symbol who took over Hollywood | Dazed

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The Japanese male sex symbol who took over Hollywood

Both dashingly handsome and athletically built he played quarterback for the University of Chicago in college , Hayakawa was a bonafide sex symbol. He commanded the hearts of millions of American women as a figure of taboo lust at a time when interracial marriage was illegal. Hayakawa, who originally traveled to the U.
In recent news, Netflix released the teaser trailer for a fan favorite, live action tv-show called Death Note. How so? But yet, as an Asian-American who has been desensitized to this common practice, a few questions still probed my mind: why does Hollywood whitewash both written roles and cinematic stories? More specifically, why does Hollywood choose to whitewash Asian roles when the first male Hollywood sex symbol was in fact, Asian?