Adult wishes hypnosis

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With the end of the year comes the end of my blogging for PsychCentral. When I was asked to participate in this endeavor, I committed to blogging for only a few months as a trial period. That time has come to an end. Although the door has been left open for me to return at a later date should circumstances change, I want to say thank you to John Grohol and the PsychCentral staff and to the readers for their interest and comments.

Adult ADD: Medication, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy; What, Why, and When

Hypnosis with Children (Stubbs)

HUMAN givens therapists, with good intentions, are no doubt accustomed to viewing hypnosis, however we might term it, as a force for good. Using this procedure can, indeed, lead to powerful therapeutic results but it can also be powerfully harmful, depending upon the ideas absorbed by the person in trance. Therefore, it is important that it is always used judiciously. I should like, in this article, to review human givens understandings about hypnosis, its uses and abuses. Unfortunately, something mysterious often attaches itself to talk about hypnosis, especially amongst those who style themselves hypnotherapists, as if practitioners who use it have highly specialised, even esoteric, skills — indeed, some seem to encourage that belief.


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These files are no longer posted in that unmoderated newsgroup because of numerous critical postings and mis-information. Those interested in learning about hypnosis are encouraged to research other sources that are more credible than public hypnosis forums. The latest FAQ revisions were completed on January 2, Those questions with the latest revisions since the previous version are noted with an asterisk. The FAQ Files were posted on the newsgroup twice monthly for over a decade; but in recent years they were posted once monthly in the middle of the month in five files.